Owner & Lead Web Designer

Megan is the Owner & Founder of Meg Reilley Media. She's lived, studied, and worked in more than seven countries all over the world in the last eight years. After gaining her Masters in Human Rights Development from the University of London in 2016, she started down the path of finding what really brought her passion in life for a career.


Over the last eight years, Megan has gained invaluable experience working all over the world in website design & technology services, training & project management, client relations, event planning, and editing. She's been trained by some of the best in the industry and has developed coveted first-hand experience in graphic design, web design & technology, and social media management.


Two years ago, Megan started working as a freelance web designer, social media planner, copywriter and photographer for locally-owned businesses. She found an immense passion in bringing her clients' visions and businesses to life through their websites. She has a special soft spot for female entrepreneurs starting new businesses - because she's been there, too! She'd love to do the same for you.